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Kerry Westmoreland (LLB, DipBStud)

Kerry as the Principal of the business, has a Law Degree from Victoria University and a Business Diploma in Mediation from Massey University.

As a law student, from 2000-2001, Kerry was self-employed as a legal researcher for lawyers and later worked for a relationship property specialist as a legal secretary.

From 2002 – mid-2005, Kerry worked as a general practice staff solicitor for Ian McCulloch Cochrane & Co in Wellington.

From mid-2005, Kerry began practicing as a barrister-sole in both the criminal and family law fields, before proceeding to specialize in family law litigation.

Stephen Westmoreland (BE, NZCS)

Stephen as the Office Manager, has a Bachelor of Engineering from Auckland University and a New Zealand Certificate of Science from Wellington Polytechnic.

Stephen has 5 years’ experience as a design engineer and over 20 years’ experience as an electronics technician.
Stephen brings to the role of Office Manager, analytical and customer service skills.
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